Discover - Thursday, 12 October 2017

About Sauvignon Blanc

The origins and characteristics of this popular grape variety


Sauvignon blanc is originally from the regions of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, in France. Today, it can also be found in the South of France and other countries like New Zealand, Chile, Australia and Spain.

This grape variety is relatively hard to cultivate because of its very high yield and sensitivity to diseases. Therefore, it demands a lot of work and care from winemakers.


The colour of these wines is generally light yellow with greenish highlights. Its aromas evoke citrus, kiwi, asparagus and passion fruit. On the palate, there is a crisp acidity with mineral notes and lemon, lime as well as green apple flavours.

Food & Wine Pairing

Sauvignon blanc pairs beautifully with smoked salmon, seafood and goat cheese.


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