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About Chardonnay

The origins and characteristics of this popular grape variety


Chardonnay appeared in the village of the same name in the Mâconnais district, in Burgundy (France). It is today easily found in other countries such as the United States (mainly in California), Australia, Chile and Canada.

It is one of the most popular grape variety in the world and it’s known to produce some of the best dry white wines. Fun fact : champagnes called ‘’blanc de blanc’’ are made using Chardonnay only as grape variety.

Chardonnay is a vigorous and very productive grape variety. However, it remains sensitive to rain and cold weather.


The color of these wines is normally somewhere a pale yellow and a golden yellow. The dominant perfumes are of apple, brioche, butter, grilled almonds and vanilla. On the palate, some Chardonnays are more lively and crisp, as where others, those vinified in oak barrels, tend to be more round, with butter and toasted bread notes.

Food & Wine Pairing

For a lively Chardonnay with mineral notes, we suggest pairing it with seafood and white fleshed fish. For a richer, rounder Chardonnay, go with poultry, white meats, salmon or creamy cheeses.



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