Discover - Friday, 24 November 2017

About Shiraz

The origins and characteristics of this popular grape variety


Shiraz is originally from the Rhone Valley in France. It is the result of crossbreeding an old grape variety from Ardèche, the Dureza, with the white Mondeuse from Savoy.

And if you were wondering: shiraz and syrah are the same grape variety. The rumor says that when Australians first encountered this variety, they were not able to pronounce Syrah, so they transformed its name into Shiraz. And today Shiraz is the most cultivated grape variety in Australia!

It can now be found in many countries, including the United States (mainly in the States of California and in Washington), Chile, Argentina, Italy, Spain and South Africa.


Shiraz produces wines with typical perfumes of raspberry, violet, pepper and black olives, with smoky notes. These wines are generally colorful, with a rich and rounded mouth, a well balanced tannic structure and a slightly spicy finale.

Food & Wine Pairing

The perfect wines for meat eaters! It pairs beautifully with red meats and braisés accompanied with a porto flavoured sauce. Try also serving it with blue cheeses.  



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